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President & CEO of BR Concepts Building Solutions LLC

Bryant "Rudy" Rudolph

“Rudy” manages and oversees BR Concepts Building Solutions LLC. and its subsidiaries. He has led the organization’s successful growth for more than 15 years, engaging in new commercial real estate developments and housing projects, increasing the company’s community lending portfolio, and developing new community assets.
VP of Business Development & Marketing

Conner Kerrin

Conner is responsible for building and strengthening internal and external relationships, managing customer relations, and implementing strategies designed to increase revenue and acquire new business opportunities.
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Controller & Accounting

Teagan Heiderich

Teagan is responsible for planning construction projects’ budgets, performing cost analyses, and reviewing purchase orders, invoices, and supplier contracts.

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Senior VP of Concrete Division

Miguel Chavarri

Miguel is responsible for our Concrete Division and oversees all of the project planning and managing its earliest stages, including developing a budget and identifying potential contractors.

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Director of Concrete Division

Joseph Jordan

Joseph’s responsibilities include organizing and overseeing daily field operations within the concrete division of the company.

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